Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

I can't believe Easter has come and gone already! This year is FLYING by! I also can't believe that Easter was almost at the end of April and it was still freezing outside! Seems to me Easter Day should always be a bright sunny warm spring day. I mean, doesn't it kind of make sense? One would think that the resurrection of Christ ought to be a sunny occassion. Just a thought.

Here's pics from our Easter festivities.....

Ragean being a part of the action.

Shaelynn & Rylee being good little girls trying to smile for the camera, Ava completely ignoring my requests to look at the camera, and Brayden making the typical face a 12 year-old boy would make when doing an egg hunt with a bunch of little kids. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Just in case you didn't know....

Just in case any of you didn't know....We are excited to announce that we will be adding our 2nd baby to the family! Due October 28th! Hopefully he/she (he, if you ask Rhett) doesn't decide to come on Halloween, we already have a kid born on a holiday. I am currently 10 weeks and sadly, my pants are already getting tight :(....gotta say, I don't recall showing this early with Ava. Guess that's what you get with the second. Happy to report that I haven't been sick at all! THANK HEAVEN! Justbeen tired..... like every other pregnant woman on the planet.

Our Little Artist

Oh Ava......I put Ava down for her nap today, just like every other day. Today, however, she was surprisingly quiet right away. That should've triggered my attention immediately, but I have a cold and wasn't feeling well so I had laid down on the couch. When she got done "napping" she came out of her room all sorts of happy and excited to be done with her "nap". A few minutes later I went to her room to get something and this is what I saw.....

yeah...that'd be play lipstick (thanks Aunt Corinne) all over her walls and bed. I must say, she is a smart one....she was very stealth-like while drawig her masterpiece and when lectured on how we don't draw on the walls or our bed she says....."I'm sorry Mommy, I'm a big girl. I won't do it again". How can one get mad at that? We made her clean it up (luckily it came off with a wet washcloth) and told her if she EVER did it again, I would throw away ALL her pretties. This made her basically have a complete meltdown. Perhaps it will leave an impression and she won't do it again. We'll see.

This would be my 3 year-old who insisted in riding in the infant seat on the shopping cart. Go figure.