Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Land of the Princesses

As of late just about EVERYTHING Ava does has something to do with princesses, dressing up, fingernail polish, and everything girl. She is the biggest girly girl ever, which is quite a strange thing to me. For any of you who knew me when I was younger, I was just about as Tom Boy as they get. I have no idea where she gets her girlyness from. Although, I must say, it is quite humerous. Since she is so girly, naturally her 3rd birthday party HAD to be a princess party.
She had such a blast with all her friends! They were all dressed up as princesses and did all girly things. Here's some pics.....

Playing in her room waiting for everyon to show up

One of my BFF's Tiff doing face painting for us.

BFF Heidi doing painting nails

Of course there were presents

she got more stuff then she knows what to do with

Naturally, there had to be a princess castle cake....yes...that's homemade

Thank you so much to everyone who came to Ava's party and made it such a special day for her. She still talks about her party every day!

Herriman recently opened a new rec center. We got memberships with the intentions of working out....HA.....so far we've really only used it to take Ava swimming. Although, Rhett did go play basketball one day with his work buddies. Surely we'll get around to the actual purpose of the memberships right?

Ava and Dad just hanging out

Ava singing.....she's saying "give me attention!"......right....as if she doesn't get enough attention.