Monday, December 13, 2010


So, I do realize it's yet again been over a month since I updated my blog. I know...I'm horrible at it. I do have some new family pics to upload for ya, and once I figure out how to make blogger upload COLOR high resolution pics....I'll get right on it ;) Rhett's last final for the semester is tomorrow! YEAH!!!! Can't wait! Joy to the world that he won't go back to school until January 11th. Poor guy...he's seems to be stricken with all sorts of illness lately. Luckily he's better today. We'll see what tomorrow brings I suppose. We are getting super excited for Christmas. Ava is going to absolutely LOVE it this year! She keeps asking when it's coming and keeps singing Christmas songs. She has turned into quite the little character and says some of the funniest stuff ever. I'm sure every parent says that though. Here's a list of some of my personal favs....

"Oh my gosh Mom, they put toilet paper on that cupcake! You've GOT to be kidding me!" (They really put white fondant on a colorful cake to make it appear as a bow)

"Mom! Look!!!!! A MONSTER POO!!!!" (thanks Rhett)

"Bye Bye poo....I love a good girl for daddy!" (as her poo flushes down the toilet...thanks again Rhett.)

"Grandpa! HURRY UP!"

"That's not funny mom! I'm not laughing!"

"Probably he'll just laugh at me."

"I'll tell you my thoughts. Either I can sleep in your bed, or I can go downstairs and play the Wii."

"NO!!!!! I'll do it all myself"....ok this one isn't really a favorite, but it's about all I hear all day.

"Where's my pretties?!" (Lipgloss)

"Where's my bandaids?!" (Silly bands)

"MOM! MOM! MY HIGH SCHOOL!!!" (preschool)

"I need my ipod." (anything that is small and appears to be electronic)

She seriously keeps me laughing all day long! She is definitely still a typical 2 year old with fits and all, but they seem to be less often than they used to be. She is still tiny, but then again...she doesn't have much hope. Last I checked she weighed around 22lbs and was about 33 inches tall. People that don't know her usually about die when she opens her mouth. They always think she's about 18 months old. Uh....yeah....try a year older. Oh well....we think it's pretty funny. Night all!