Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What the?!

Ever heard of Transient Synovitis? Yeah....I hadn't either, until today. So, yesterday morning Ava wakes up EARLY EARLY yelling and crying that her leg hurt. She kept grabbing her knee and made me rub it for a while. After about a half hour or so, she stopped complainig so we figured she just had a dead leg or something. This morning she wakes up at about 6:30am screaming and crying that she has an owie. Same thing....same leg....same exact spot that she's pointing to and grabbing. I think it's weird, but figure she must have slept in the same position and has another dead leg. After a while, she wasn't getting any better. It was way worse than yesterday. She was just cryin and shaking every few minutes because it hurt so bad. I try to get her up to go potty, but she wouldn't put ANY pressure on it. Every time she'd try she'd just fall to the floor. Saddest thing you've ever seen. So, naturally...I call the doctor. We take her in and he suspects it's something called transient synovitis. Evidently what it means is she had a viral infection somewhere else in the last few weeks and instead of the antibodies that faught it leaving the body, they settle in a joint. Typically they settle in the hip, but he thinks they settled in her knee instead. It was all swollen up. We also had to take her to get blood drawn so he can make sure it's not bacterial (which would be much worse). Unfortunately, there's not much they can do for her. It will supposedly pass in about a week. All we can do is treat it with motrin for pain and inflammation. As we got home tonight she says to me....."Mom.....I had a rough day. That lady poked me. It hurt really bad!"....poor kid. Here's a pic of her knee from this morning.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I know right?!

Two days in a row...can you believe it?! Me neither! Ever have those days that just don't end near quick enough? Today has been one of those days. Nothing really bad happened, just an ornery 2 year old who has decided to test me clear to my last nerve...that's all. Thank heaven she's in bed. Here's a little video of what I have heard constantly over the last week. I took these videos with my phone and can't get them to flip....sorry.

Freaking out because I buckled up her seatbelt instead of her doing it herself. Even though I gave her ample opportunities to do so, but she would just stare at me with a crusty look and not do it.

And then there's moments like this that just make me laugh. Don't ask me what she's saying cuz I've tried and tried to figure it out...NO idea. All i get is 1,2,3,4,5.....something something something....RIGHT NOW!...

And moments like this where she sings her little heart out in the tub (I believe she's singing a song from Pete's Dragon)....

We sure love our little girl!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's been a while....AGAIN....I know, I know. It is what it is. We've been busy as ever. Rhett's back in school for the semester, Ava is as sassy as ever, things are pretty much the same as always around here. We got our flooring in our kitchen redone....tile instead of linoleum, YEAH! Now I just need to pick out some new carpet. I love it! Seems like we've still been constantly out of town or crazy busy with one project or another. Rhett and my dad went hunting a couple weekends ago, with zero luck. That's totally fine by me! :) he he he..... Here's some pics

Flooring before

Flooring after (still needs cleaned)

Me and a couple of my friends took a cake decorating class. Ava is enjoying the fruits of said class....

My final creation from my class
Ava at Jumpin Jack's in St. George

Holding a lizard that Rhett caught in my gma's backyard in St. George