Monday, December 19, 2011


One of my good friends, Talia Draper ( ) did a photoshoot for our cute little family just afterEaston was born. Here's a few of my favorite pics.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh my.....

My how time does fly! We've been rather busy since the last post, to say the least. With Rhett in school & working full time, Ava in preschool & swimming lessons, the birth of our new baby boy, cake making, Thanksgiving, finals (tests, tests & more tests) and now Christmas in just over two weeks.....I haven't really had a moment to spare. I'd love to say that all my Christmas shopping is done and wrapped, but that'd just be a blatant lie. It's nowhere close. I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to want to pack up my 3 year old and newborn to go hit the stores all by my little lonesome, as Rhett's been to busy to accompany me. Luckily, he's almost done so he'll get to watch the kiddies soon while I have some alone time ;) Here's pics of what's been going on.

My parent's took the whole family to Corn Bellys at Thanksgiving Point just before Halloween. We all had a great time and luckily we also had awesome weather! Can't ask for more than that.

Clearly she's weather confused.

Ava getting her VERY FIRST haircut. Note to self....great clips is not even suitable for a 3 year-old to get her ends trimmed. I had to take her back to get it fixed and they still couldn't get it right. Seriously?! What's so hard about trimming the fried ends of hair?!

Introducing EASTON DAX WALKER!!!!!

Born 10/24/11



He was born very healthy with no problems for him.....or me :)

Home from the hospital! Ava is the best big sister ever. She absolutely LOVES Easton! I thought the novelty would wear off for her after a couple weeks at most, but she is just as in love with him today as the day he was born. She constantly dotes over him and gets mad if I let him cry for more than 2 seconds.

Chillin with Great Grandma Wilkinson

HALLOWEEN!! Exactly 1 week old today. The kids had a grea time trick-or-treating. They got to go to Grandma Kathleen's work and Daddy's work to get candy. Then Ava went out with Dad & Grandpa and scored a bunch more. Pretty sure she filled her bucket about 3 times.


2 weeks old

6lb 9 oz

19 in

3weeks old


7lbs 10 oz

We went out to Rhett's parent's house for Thanksgiving this year. We were lucky enough to get a picture of Easton, Rhett, Alan (Rhett's Dad), & Rhett's Grandpa. Four generations doesn't always happen you know. Easton is, so far, the only one of their great grandsons that will carry on the Walker name. Pretty special.

Sunday, December 4 2011

Easton's blessing day

Thanks to all of those who came and made it special! Rhett did a great job!!

Easton does struggle with REFLUX.....gooooooooo......such an evil word. Thank heaven it's not nearly as bad as Ava's was! He's on Prevacid and we add a little rice to his milk and he is a totally different baby then he was 2 weeks ago. I wasn't able to even set him down for 5 minutes without him freaking out. Now, he'll lay there peacefully for quite a while. THANK HEAVEN!!!! Other than that, all is well and we love our little family!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I ran into a dear friend that I haven't seen in forever yesterday. She ever so kindly reminded me that I haven't updated my blog in quite some time, so here we go..... thanks Natalee ;) Lots has happened, of course, since my last post. It's probably easier if I just explain as the pictures tell the stories.

Those of you who live in Herriman may recognize this parking's on the east end of where the Smith's is.
See the pothole?....or should I say potholes?

When it's filled to the brim with water it looks like a puddle. One doesn't realize that it's a good 6-8" deep until your front driver side tire is IN IT! This is the picture after my car splashed a ton of water out of said hole.

Aftermath?? A cracked bumper........

A flat 2 month old tire....

And a whole lot of frustration. Luckily, thus far the owner of the shopping complex has paid for a new tire. We're working on the bumper being fixed still. Talk about a crappy way to start the day!

Just over 3 weeks ago Ava was at my parent's house. Her and her cousin were playing around the swingset. Her cousin Rylee was swinging and evidently Ava walked right behind her as she was coming backward. This resulted in a broken collar bone. Poor little thing. She has actually done really well with it, all things considered. She's been pretty good about wearing her sling and wrap (most of the time). She is supposed to wear the sling for a total of 6....yes 6 weeks. We're halfway there......

Ava loves to draw her name and smiley faces lately. Only thing is she almost ALWAYS draws her name upside down. Weird. I'm sure she'll get the hang of it.

Ava's first day of preschool! She absolutely loves preschool. She's always so excited to tell me what she got to do that day when I pick her up.

She decided we needed to take a pic in front of her school on the 2nd day too. :)

Ava decided to get in the hot tub with grandpa one night. She came out in her cousin Shaelynn's swimming suit (who is 3 years older than her). LMAO!!!!!!

She recently had a school fieldtrip to Discover Gateway, which is basically like the new children's museum for those who don't know. She had a blast! We stayed for about 3 hours and she DID NOT want to leave.

She play in the pretend store area for at least half the time we were there. SHE LOVED IT!

I decided to start making cakes to make a little extra cash here and there. I realy enjoy doing it. If you'd like you can check out my cake blog @ . Here's a few of the cakes I've done recently...

Baby shower

A smash cake for a cute little 1 year old

Angry Bird's cake I helped my friend Tiff put together for one of her friends.

Rhett also started school a couple of weeks ago. He's taking Calculus and a mechanical engineering course. He loves his engineering course.....calculus on the other hand....not so much. Can't say I blame him, I get confused with algebra. He's working at it really hard though. I think he's been up studying late pretty much every night since school started.

All is going well with my pregnancy! Haven't really narrowed down any names yet though. Hopefully we deicde before he's born, that'd be good I suppose. We're definately open to any suggestions! I have a little under 8 weeks until my due date! Hopefully these last 2 months go by quickly. Luckily it will be cooling down soon. That ought to help (I hope).

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Catch up.....

So, May and June were crazy busy for us! We were home a total of 1....that's right....1 weekend the entire month of May. Luckily, we were able to be home more in June, but we were playing catch up the whole month from being gone all of May. May consisted of....Disneyland (which you've all seen), Rhett's lil sister's wedding in St. George, said lil sister's wedding reception in Altamont (which I made the cake for), and a gazillion other little tasks that had to be done. June has so far consisted of a giant sand pile being dumped on my driveway, which then had to be moved to the backyard for Ava's swingset. Evidently 18 tons is a little more than we needed for the swingset (thanks geneva rock), so the sand ended up in every other flower garden/vegetable garden in our yard. June has also been filled with planting hedges, moving my office downstairs to prepare for baby boy, a trip to St. George with my fam for boating (always a good time), a yard sale, and another gazillion little tasks that have to be done. There is also still a family reunion to attend. June was also filled with Dr. appts. We found out that yes....we're having a baby BOY! We're super excited about it.....especially Rhett, if you can imagine that ;) . We had to go back for a 2nd ultrasound a week and a half later because when the tech did the original ultrasound she saw "excess fluid" around the baby's heart. Luckily, the 2nd ultrasound showed that there is a little excess fluid, but not enough to be concerned about. My tummy is getting bigger by the day and the lil guy is quite the mover.....especially when I'm trying to sleep at night. But, I suppse that's to be expected. Other than that, I really can't complain. I have about the easiest pregnancies ever. Here's a few pics of the happenings....

Ava in her new electric Jeep that my cousin sold to us for a killer deal. She loves it!

Finally....summer has arrived!

Ava riding some of the rides at Fort Herriman Days
At first she didn't want to get on the ponies, but then she didn't want to get off.

Chloee and Ava @ Madison's birthday party at Airborne

Ava playing on her giant sand pile

taking a dip in our hot tub

Ava got her very first tooth cleaning in May......

No cavities!

The wedding cake I made for Echo's reception in Altamont. Need a cake? Let me know!

Echo's wedding reception in St. George