Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seriously! where does the time go?!

I must preface this post with a warning.....there may be what some could consider to be some "graphic" pictures in this post. So, if a little blood makes you queasy, I'd stop reading soon. Having been warned, here we go.

Obviously it's been quite some time since my last usual. I'm sure you all know how time can just fly by too quickly. We've been super busy just living life.

Had a surprise 50th bday party for my mom. Lots of family and friends came from near and far! Thanks to all who came and made it special.

We had the "luau of the HALF CENTURY". All the kids did a little dance for her. It was pretty funny. 
 While Jen and Jim were in town for the party, we took a day and went boating at Yuba. Great times were had.
Just had to show you this little gem. Took over an hour to get out. Joy
Ava started "Pre K". Pretty much, it's just Preschool again, but she insisted she wasn't going to preschool again "because she already went there last year." So, we told her it was Pre K instead. ;)
Heidi somehow convinced me to run a half marathon with her. Here's me freezing my butt off at the starting line.
Somehow.....someway......we finished! I did it in 2hrs 50 minutes. Not that great of a time, but that's alright.... I didn't die. :)

So, Easton had this little red dot start to grow on his forehead. At first it just looked like a little mole. But, after a couple of weeks it was probably about the size of the tip of a sharpie marker and was raised. One Friday afternoon, he pulled himself up to the rocking chair in our living room and his "mole" barely brushed the arm of the chair and it started bleeding. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to stop. After about 30 mins, I called the Dr., but of course being Friday afternoon, they couldn't get him in. He told me to take him to the instacare. About 15 minutes later it finally stopped bleeding, so I didn't take him in. Hindsight.....I probably should have anyway. Monday morning I made an appt with a dermatologist, but they couldn't get him in for about 3 weeks. Enter: Tuesday night, 3 am. Easton starts crying (which is typical). He almost always wakes up around this time wanting a bottle. So, I go in his room to get him. Keep in mind it's dark and I don't have my contacts in or glasses on. I pick him up and start feeling around his crib for his binkie. All the sudden my hand hits something soaking wet. I flip on the light. Look toward his crib and this is what I see.....
 Unnerving? YES! I look at him to see that he is COVERED in blood! I had checked on him at midnight, when I went to bed, and he was fine.
I go into our bedroom and flip on the light and inform Rhett (quite sternly) to get up cuz we're going to the ER. He wakes up.....rather disoriented......and sees Easton. He Darts out of bed and gets dressed with the speed of light. While he's getting dressed, I begin to wipe the blood away from his little eyes cuz he couldn't see anything. Here's a pic Rhett snapped after I had wiped him off a little. Once I figured out where the blood was coming from, I wasn't nearly as panicked. I knew it was a tiny little spot and he wasn't in danger of bleeding to death anytime soon.
He was FREAKING out, so I fed him his bottle. After he got done eating he just sat there calmly like nothing was going on. lol
We tried to get it to stop while he ate, but it was not even beginning to slow down. So, off we went to the ER.
(Rhett the creeper @ 3:30am) 

Good thing about walking into an ER at 3am with an infant covered in blood is that you don't have to wait for a single second. We got right back. The Dr. and Nurses couldn't get it to stop either and eventually had to cauterize it. Easton was PISSED! It took two nurses to hold him down while they numbed it. After watching him for a while, we got to go home. Here's what it looked like the next day.
3 Weeks later, we were at the dermatologist office and found ourselves once again having to hold him down while they numbed his forehead. Evidently he had what's called a hemangioma. Basically, just a collection of blood vessels at the surface of the skin. They're not necessarily a problem, typically, but they wanted to burn it off since it was bleeding so much. I agreed.
Just over a month later and there's just a tiny pink dot on his forehead. Kinda looks like a chicken pox scar. So glad it was something simple to fix. Made for some scary moments though.
Our silly boy

Ava had been begging us for a while to get her hair cut. So, we finally agreed and got it done. I happen to think she looks so cute!

Thanks to my Dad for teaching him how to open the bottom of the oven. Best day ever. NOT ;)

Ava wearing Mom's heels. She's SOOOOO girly!

Amongst all this craziness, Rhett has fixed countless amounts of cars for people (and still has many more to do, including his own), we helped my parent's add on a HUGE covered patio and re-roof their house, and we are getting ready to put in a fence. Hopefully, it won't be as long until my next post. Easton turns 1 in just a few days, so hopefully I'll get pics of the events up soon.

Until next time!