Thursday, August 28, 2008

Contagious laugh maybe??

So not too much has been going on this last week or so. Just keeping busy working. Rhett is on call right now for 2 WEEKS!! So we get to just chill at home. We were all wicked sick over the weekend. blah. Not fun at all. But, we are all doing better now. Our great friend Talia came over with Turner the other day. It was hilarious to see Ava and Turner interact. Ava was soooo excited when we sat Turner down next to her that she started wildly throwing her arms up and down and caught him in the head. He FREAKED and started crying and so she did to. Here's a video I took of Talia getting them to laugh. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ohhh yeahh..

So I got a little bored the other day....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seriously Hilarious!

Pretty much explains itself!

More randoms

Random pictures

Ava & Turner (he is 10 days younger than her! I think we have a runt on our hands.)

24th of July

So we went boating out by Rhett's parent's house over the 24th of July weekend. A good time was had by all. We also went and saw fireworks (which Ava LOVED) and went to an outdoor concert for Charley Jenkins. He was on Nashville star and is from Rhett's little hometown of Altamont, UT if you can imagine that! It was FREEZING cold at the concert so we were all huddled up with coats and blankets.

Ava and Grandma Deb (Rhett's mom)

Chillin in the lake with dad. She liked her feet in it, but she DID NOT like her hands to touch the water for some reason!

Ava wasn't quite sure what to think...

How Time Flies

So here's just a bunch of random stuff that has happened lately. I wasn't able to post stuff cuz of my computer being busted, but it's back and working and our internet is working again as well!!! YEAH!!! So.... here ya go.

Eye Candy anyone???!!!! We went to the Tim McGraw concert for "our anniversary". I told Rhett I was going this year for our anniversary with or without him. He decided he'd better come along so I didn't run away with Tim. My sister and my mom and dad came too. MMMMMMMMM..........

These are the last pictures taken of my gpa and gma (in St. George) with Ava before my gpa went into the hospital for a broken rib. He passed away 11 days later due to other complications. We love you grandpa!! See ya again someday!
While we were down in St. George visitng them we spent a little time at the pool. Ava's very first time in the "big pool".

She didn't like it so much after a few minutes...
Corinne (my sister) & Rylee (my niece)
Treavor (my brother) & Shaelynn (my niece)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Say Cheese!

So we decided to go get our very first "family" pictures done! Let's play the scenario for ya...... So it's an extremely busy day filled with me trying to tie up loose ends with work, packing for 2 adults and a baby (with horrible reflux) to go out of town for 5 days, and trying to hussle to get our dearest friend Heidi to the airport ontime (sorry heidi.... I know it didn't quite work out). Rhett gets home from work around 4:30. I'm basically all ready to go... just gotta get our bags in the car. Rhett hops into the shower cuz we were dropping heidi off, getting pictures done, and heading to rhett's parents. So he gets done showering then decides he needs to trim his goatee....etc. Heidi has already left to go to her parents and we are supposed to have her to the airport by 5:30! Finally at about 5:00 Rhett is finally ready to leave. We race to Heidi's parent's house and pick her up. Of course it's almost 5:30 by the time we get there. She's probably crapping her pants cuz she's leaving for Vietnam and we were late!! :0 can you imagine?! However, might I say that thanks to some rather impressive driving on my behalf.... :) we got her there by about 5:45. Dang good for driving during rush hour... if I do say so myself... anyway, back to the story. So we finally get her to the airport and it's off we go to get our pictures done! Our appt was at 6:30 at South Towne Mall and by the time we leave it 6:00 and we are at the airport.... so yup you guessed it.... rushing again..... but again thanks to some impressive driving we get there on time. It's a miracle! So we rush in and tell the girl at the desk that we have an appt to get our pictures done. She smiles and says ok just have a seat in the back and we'll be right with you. So we ask her how long it will be and she says "oh.... we're running right on time, so maybe like 5 minutes". Great! We'll be on our way out of town in no time! So we wait......and wait......and wait...... of course Ava is being an angel. Happy as can be smiling laughing.... etc. 30 minutes go by and still.... no picture taking!!! FINALLY they call us up we get 2 family poses done and that's when things really took a turn for the worse! By this time Ava has already had it! She's hungry and pissed. Not a good compo when you're trying to get pictures done with a 4 month old. Now had they called us back in their prescious 5 minute time frame.... she would have been great! So the guy that was doing our pictures gets done with rhett and I and says it's time for Ava. We set her down for her first pose and she immediately starts screaming! OF COURSE!! Isn't that the way it always goes? She was hungry (not to mention the guy kept touching her and he was just a little freaky looking. Can'treally blame her for not wanting him to touch her.) So we have to feed her a bottle. So he deicedes to go help another family while she is eating! What the heck?! It takes her like 2 seconds to eat. Anyone who has ever witnessed her down a bottle knows this. So about the time he walks over the the other family, she is done eating and happy again. So he decides that it will be just peachy to do their ENTIRE shoot before coming back to us again! What the??? Really? Finally he comes back. Ava was much happier, but she still didn't like him touching her. We finally get done with everything about 8:45pm. Keep in mind our appt was at 6:30! So we raced out to Rhett's parents house for a fun filled 24th of July weekend. Full of boating and relaxing. Nice treat to such a hectic day! Here's the pics! I think they turned out pretty good considering.....