Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Longest month ever....

Wow.....seems like January is never going to end. Well....I can't blame it solely on January....December is partially to blame too. That's when it all started after all. Poor lil' Ava got a cold around Christmas. You know the typical runny nose, sore throat, blah blah blah. Well after two weeks I took her into the Dr. He decided to put her on antibiotics because "it should be gone by now" according to him. That's when the cough started....more of a hack than a cough. So 1 week later, the hack is worse...sounded nasty. Ava is of course DYING (as was I) at this point because we basically haven't left the house. So, I take her into the Dr. again...this time...yup...pneumonia. Poor thing. He changed up her meds and I can officially now say (basically a month later) all is finally back to normal. If you consider the Walker household to ever be "normal" that is. Hopefully she doesn't get that freaky transient synovitis again...gooo.....don't even want to think about that crap. Anyway....we had a great Christmas. Ava was spoiled beyond belief. Here's some pics of happenings lately.

Sitting on Santa's Lap at the family Christmas Party
Sitting in the rocking chair Aunt "Corinnie" made for her
Corrine, Brayden, Jake....and....Rhett's foot ;)

Ava INSISTED on wearing the pajamas that Santa gave her to the family Christmas brunch.

Last week Herriman opened their new firestation and had an openhouse. We took Ava to go see the fire trucks. She LOVED it!

Rylee with Superman at the Winter Palooza

Ava after getting her face painted at the Winter Palooza