Sunday, April 11, 2010

EASTER! the sticks

We went to Rhett's parent's house for Easter this year. We were able to go out on Wednesday night and didn't have to come back until Sunday. We did all sorts of great things....the kind of things that one does while in the country. You know, things like....

Catch baby lambs and pet them.
Catch roosters (or hens as I was informed), yank their feathers out, and then pet them.

Catch horses and pet them. Or, unless you're Ava and then it's "no touch, Daddy, no touch".

Roast hotlinks/hot dogs in the freezing cold

But, most importantly.....just relax and have a good time.
Then, it was time for the Easter festivities to begin. Here's the egg dying process.
There is a really funny video I wanted to show you all to give you some insight into my daily life. In order to show you that video...I needed to show you this one first. It is a little lengthy, but it is the prelude to the next video.... the end of the last video you see us beginning to clean up all the egg dying stuff. Here is Ava's reaction to us cleaning up. Again, insight into my daily life....
Easter Morning...
Ava is really into Trains right now. There's a new show on Disney show called Chuggington. Ever since it came on, she can't seem to get enough of trains. And lucky her! The Easter Bunny brought her some trains!

Unfortunately, it snowed several inches so the kiddies had to do their egg hunt inside. Not quite as much fun, but they still enjoyed it. Ava caught onto the idea really quickly.

Ava's basket-o-eggs/candy...mmm.....

The Birthday Party

This year for Ava's 2nd birthday party we decided to have a combined party with her best bud Turner. Everyone had a blast! We rented out the party room at the South Jordan rec center and had a swimming party. That would be why Ava has on a swimming suit. Here's some pics....

Ava and Turner got a slip & slide to share from Aunt Heidi! We can't wait for them to use it in the backyard this summer. I'll post pics when that occurs...(if it ever gets warm enough).

Grandpa and the girls swimming

Yeah....this would be one of the presents from Mom & Dad...she has no clue what it is and looks oh-so thrilled. Now that she plays with it... she loves it.

Cake time!

Mom & Ava hanging out before the party began.

The flip flop cake I made for the party. It was a TON of work. Better than my first attempt, but still not great. I'll get better though!