Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This year for Halloween Ava was a lady bug. She was soooo cute! She had a great time trick-or-treating. She caught onto the idea really quick. The first house she had no clue what was going on, but by the 2nd one she was a seasoned pro. She went for a little while with her cousins Shaelynn and Rylee. They were so good to wait for Ava to get to the next house. She was kinda slow because she insisted on walking to the next house by her self. She also insisted on grabbing candy from the buckets by herself. But, she ALWAYS made sure to tell them thank you for her treats. She really had a great time. Here's some pics.

She didn't like standing in our giant pumpkin!

Helping Dad carve her own little pumpkin

She scored big time on the candy....or should I say....Mom and Dad scored big time on the candy.