Monday, July 27, 2009

Catch up

So obviously... once again I have neglected my blogging duties as head blogger of the family. We have just been doing our thing, keeping busy. Here's some activities that have been going on the past month. Ava still weighs 18 lbs, wihch means no forward facing car seat... STILL. However, she did grow about 3 inches since her last check up. So, that's a plus considering who her parents are. Today she discovered that she could climb out of her crib. However, I don't know that she'll be doing is again anytime soon. She fell and scared the crap out of herself! Here's the pics....
First trip to Lagoon!!!

Shaelynn & Ava... I have no idea what's with Shaelynn's Face. Ava's just kickin it. Shaelynn & Rylee on Puff the magic dragon. They didn't like it so much. It may have just scared the poop right out of them!

Shaelynn & Ava....(she thought she was pretty big stuff.)

So this is Ava.... but, she's so little you can't even see her!

Shaelynn and Rylee on the "big kid" rides.

Taking a snooze with dad.
Ava playing with the hose......

First boating trip of the season!! Thanks to Les and Misty for bringing us along!