Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday Cake

I seriously have the funniest friends in the whole world!!! We went bowling with some of them on Friday and then went to Talia's house for cake and ice cream after. I knew something hysterical was about to happen when Talia and Heidi were dying laughing at my cake and wouldn't let me see it. The big moment came..... they put the candles on, light them and then showed me the cake. I was dying laughing!! It says "happy birthday smalls" and there is a picture on it that Talia took of me posing behind some random bush. She said do a serious face and this is what my serious face looks like:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Ok, so I know this will be rather lengthy, but TOTALLY WORTH READING!! So, this year was a rather interesting birthday for me. Not everything went exactly according to plan. I'll spare you ALL the details, but here's the absolute highlight of the day. I spent the morning with my best buds in the whole wide world (Heidi & Talia). We went for a lovely 4 mile walk to get some lunch.... babies in tow of course! I have to back up for a minute.... my birthday story actually starts the night before my birthday when I found out some rather interesting details about my birthday festivities that I wasn't exactly thrilled about. Ok,,, now back to the story.... we had gotten back from our walk and I decided to let Ava feed herself her lunch (which was really messy) so I stripped her down to her diaper and threw her in her high chair. When she got done I cleaned up her amazing mess and decided to lay her down for her nap in just her diaper, as it was a rather warm day and we haven't turned on the central air yet. Talia went home and Heidi had to leave, so I proceeded to go outside to mow the lawn. I had gone in a few times to check on Ava.... sure enough sleeping soundly. I got finished just as Heidi got back from running her errand. We both went inside when not too long after, all of the sudden we hear this horrible SCREAMING coming from Ava's bedroom! I started toward her bedroom wondering what on earth was going on because she usually wakes up really happy. I start to crack open the door and this wall of indescribable stench hits me!! I didn't even have to see it! I KNEW what had happened!!! So I opened up the door the rest of the way to see Ava's little eyes poking up above the crib swelled with tears. But, in front of her eyes.... on the crib was POO SMEARED EVERYWHERE!!!! I exclaimed "Ava why'd you do that?!?!?!" When hearing this response Heidi of course had to come check out what had happened. I'm pretty sure Heidi found it hysterical, I however did not. I just kind of sat there and stared at it for a second not sure whether to tackle the crib or her poopey butt first. This decision was made quickly once I saw that she had poo all over her face and hands and was gnawing on her fingers!!! YUCK!!!! So I grabbed her and proceeded to wipe her down. I got her in the tub and cleaned her up. Heidi was kind enough to clean up the poo on the crib and throw the sheets in the washer. HERE'S THE KICKER..... the diaper that she had ripped off didn't have a spec of poo in it!! She had taken her diaper off, peed everywhere, and pooed in the corner. Then picked up the poo and proceeded to play with it. EEEEEWWWWW!!!!! Gross! The day just gets worse from there, but again... I'll spare you all the other details. Here's the pic that Heidi snapped with her phone.