Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter was great! Ava is a pro at it now that this is her 2nd time around! (nevermind she wan't even a week old for the last one...) Here's pics of some of the weekend's activities. She's so into everything! It cracks me up.

Coloring eggs with Dad

Practice egg hunt at home.... have to be prepared for Grandma's to have a chance at beating the other kids to some eggs.

Just taking a stroll outside before festivities begin

WAIT!!! Is that Grandpa over by the swings?!?! I had better go check that out!

It was Grandpa by the swings.... of course she suckered him into pushing her. She LOVES to be outside & swing!
And we're off!! The egg hunt has offically began!

Taking a rest after searching so hard. I think Dad is stealing some of her candy.