Thursday, October 30, 2008

1st Bath in the sink!

So Ava had her first bath in the sink today. She loved it because her rubber ducky couldn't float away from her. Usually she gets upset in the bath tub because it floats away and she can't reach it. She didn't really like it when I used the sprayer to rinse out her hair. Kinda freaked her out. But, she enjoyed it for the most part.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So my computer is in the shop AGAIN.... so no pics for a little while. I will make sure to get pleanty of halloween ones though. Can't wait! Ava's 1st Halloween.... it's gunna be fun! We have tons planned for that evening. As soon as I get it back I'll put some pics up.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


So a few weeks ago one of Rhett's cousins got married. He has quite a bit of family that lives out of town. All of his family from Arizona was there. This was the very first time that all 8 Great Grandchildren were together, so of course we had to get some pics. The oldest is 8 and the youngest is 4 months. They are all girls, no boys. kinda crazy! There's also 2 on the way. Evidently it's a race to see who has the first boy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

As good as it gets....

So I told you I woul get pics of her teeth so here ya go..... After 1/2 hour of trying to get a descent pic... this is all you get.

WHAT THE DEUCE????....... it's 1/2 creature 1/2 baby!! Can we say "ROCKY ROAD!"?

Ava and Turner

We got to watch Turner last week. Here's some pics. Her hair is a little out of control. It's hard to tame it when you're 6 months old and you have as much as a 30 year old woman!
Evidently she DID NOT want him playing with her toys... or his own for that matter. She hasn't quite learned that sharing thing yet.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

St. George!

So this weekend we had a little trip to St. George. We took my Grandma down so she could spend some time at home (she's been up here since my Grandpa passed away in July). We took my Dad's boat down to go boating. It was really crappy weather on Saturday, so we couldn't do anything but fishing... blah.... but, we made the best of it anyway. Here's some pics of Ava in her newest hated thing... the life jacket. She was ok as long as Grandpa was talking to her. Here's some pics....
Before G'pa was talking to her.....
After G'pa was talking to her....