Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello all....

So.....Here we are again....another severeal months have gone by since my last post. Such is life I suppose. Time has just been flying by! Easton is now 6 months old already and Ava has turned 4. I can't believe she's 4 already! Everything has been going well for us. Rhett is still in school....actually the semester will be over on Wednesday (thank heaven). Ava and Easton had their check ups today. Easton was 24 inches tall and 14lb. Ava was 36 inches tall and 27lb. Both itty bitty. Of course, I guess you can't expect much else to come from two shorties. Ava loves to spend her days outside (when it's good weather) playing on her playground and trampoline. She's made a few little friends in the neighborhood and our house seems to be the gathering center for all the kids. We LOVE it! I love that she gets to play with her friends and I get to keep an eye on her while she's playing. She goes to preschool. She loves it, but fights going cuz it starts at 8:30am. She's like her mommy and isn't really a morning person. Note to self for next year. Easton is rolling over like mad. He gets around by rolling from one spot to another. He hasn't cut any teeth yet, but I think he's working on it. He kind of sits up on his own....for a few seconds anyway. He's getting better at it. He is a very smiley baby and loves to laugh.He still has reflux and takes Prevacid for it. But, his isn't quite as bad as Ava's was. He started whistling last week. That's right...whistling. I'm trying to get a video of it and will post it if I am successful.  Here's some things that have been going on lately.

My Christmas present....NEW CARPET!!! I'm in love with our new carpet! Sure beats the old nasty beat up stuff that was here.
At 3 months old I finally had to break down and get Easton his first haircut. He really was born needing one, but I just couldn't bring myself to take him in until he was this old. Here's a before and after.

 This picture was taken a little before his second haircut. I didn't get a pic of the second haircut, but it pretty much looked like the first in the end.

Here he is just before getting his 3rd haircut. That's right....3RD haircut. 6 months's NUTS! He sure is a handsome little tyke.

This year Ava told me she wanted two birthday Ariel cake and a Barbie cake. So, that's what she got.

We had her birthday party at Classic Fun Center. Here she is playing guitar hero. She had a blast playing the the bounce houses and riding her scooter around. She was super lucky to have so many good friends and family to be there with her.

 Rhett's Grandpa passed away at the end of March, so we went to Altamont for the funeral. Here's a pic of Rhett and Ava at Rhett's grandpa's farm. Yes....she insisted on dressing herself.

Last week Ava's preschool had a fieldtrip to wheeler farm? Talia and Turner were nice enough to join us. They had a good time seeing all the animals and playing at the park. We packed a picnic and had lunch. It was such a nice day!